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Vol. 9, No. 1-4 (July 2003 to June 2004)
(A) Review Articles  
Sugar Crops and Sugar Policy of Pakistan
- Inayatullah Khan and M. Jamil
The Technology of Micro-Hydropower Plants for Alleviation of Poverty
- Habib Gul
Development of Intermediate-Size Towns: An Alternative Form of Urbanization
- Zafar Jamal and M. Ashraf
4 Land and Environmental Degradation and its Amelioration for Sustainable Agriculture in Pakistan
- M. Sharif Zia, Tariq Mahmood, Mirza B. Baig and M. Aslam
5 A Model of Commercialization of Solar Photovoltaic Systems
- Faizullah Mahar
6 Productive Rehabilitation and Use of Salt-Affected Land through Afforestation (A Review)
- Maqsood Ahmed and Imtiaz Qamar
(B) Physical Sciences and Technology  
7 Perspective of Integrating Organic and Inorganic Plant-Nutrient Sources for Crop-Production in Pakistan
- M. Salim and Rahmatullah
8 Agro-Climatic Classification of Pakistan
- Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry and G. Rasul
9 Thermal Convection and Moisture-Diffusion in Thin-Layer Fixed-Bed Solar Drying
- A. Ayensu
10 Identification of Land-Use and Vegetation Types in Fateh Jang Area, Using Landsat-TM Data
- Rakshan Roohi, Arshad Ashraf and Shahid Ahmad
11 Determination of Force by Stiffness-Matrix for 3-D Model Used in Robotic End-Effector
- Zulfiqar Ali Soomro
12 Effect of Pozzolith on the Compressive Strength of Cement
- Bazid Khan and Khalid Nawaz
Managing Saline-Sodic Groundwater in the Indus Basin
- M. Akram Kahlown and Mushtaq A. Gill
Application of “Saltmod” to Evaluate Preventive Measures Against Hydro-Salinization in Agricultural Rural Areas (A Case Study of Faisalabad, Pakistan)
- Nasir M. Khan, Bashir Ahmad, M. Latif and Yohei Sato
15 Contents of Heavy-Metals in Waters of Nullahs Dek, Bisharat & AIK, and their Effect on Soil-Health
- S.T. Abbas, S.M. Mehdi, M. Sarfraz and G. Hassan
16 Ceramics Effect of Different Glaze-Base Systems on Generation of Colour
- J.K. Nsiah
17 On Strokes Problem for a Third-Grade Fluid for Generalized Fractional Model
- M.R. Mohyuddin and Ehsan Ellahi Ashraf
(C) Bio-Sciences and Agriculture  
18 Natural Resources and their Utilization with Special Reference to Cholistan Desert, Pakistan
- M. Shafiq Chaudhry, Nuzhat Sial and Naseem A. Chaudhry
19 Genome Biology of the Cultivated Brassica
- Habib Ahmad, Shahida Hasnain and Afzal Khan
20 Effect of Different Growth-Regulators and Types of Cuttings on Rooting of Guava (Psidium guajava L.)
- Noor Rahman, Tehsinullah, Ghulam Nabi and Taslim Jan
21 Aloe Vera: A Plant of Vital Significance
- M.A. Saeed, I. Ahmad, Uzma Yaqub, Shazia Akbar, A. Waheed, M. Saleem and Nasir-ud-Din
22 Livestock Resources of Pakistan: Present Status and Future Trends
- M. Afzal and A.N. Naqvi
23 Implication of Combining Ability: Analysis for Characteristics of Spring Wheat
- Saifullah Ajmal, M. Asif and M. Munir
24 A Quantitative Account of Weeds of Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum Linn.) Crop in District Sukkur
- Rahmatullah Qureshi
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